Intro to Entrepreneurial Mindset; Lessons from an ECG test

She took my note book and drew these ECG test image, then she started.

Fig 1
Fig 2

She asked me what each represented. The flat-lined ECG is for a dead person while the fluttering ECG image is for a living person.

In the same way, she pointed that every living entrepreneur’s journey is full of ups and down. The up times with joy and an incredible feeling of confidence and comfort and the down times are mired with depression, financial uncertainties, disappointments, and hopelessness. This is not abnormal it is the cycle of life and in fact it is a sign of good health.

However, this does not mean that you let life ride you in every cycle, there is something you must do to be a successful entrepreneur. If you look at the ECG image below closely, you will notice that the lowest bottom of the down times keep getting higher with each cycle, this is intentional.

It is important to you ensure that you get better with each cycle that you don’t reach the lowest low of your last cycle; If your lowest low is in depression surround yourself with a strong emotional support system If it is a financial crisis improve on learn how to manage your finance better, if another business fails reach out to more experienced entrepreneurs and learn from them, just make sure you grow into a better place than you were in your last cycle.

So what happens when you are in a high point?

If you are in a high point now, know that the low point is coming and prepare for it because it will surely come.

Finally, if you are always in the same position, the sweet spot all the time, it is probably because you are not truly living and you are dead.


The Intro to Entrepreneurship Mindset is a three-part series where I write the lessons that I learnt from Mrs Carole Rakotondrainibe. I was privileged to sit with her in September 2018, and after months of ruminating on and applying this lesson in my life, I have decided to share them because of the great insight and the impact they can have on an individual

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